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Writer's Block: Le Quatorze Juillet

Happy Bastille Day! Today the French celebrate the event that sparked the French revolution. In honor of our Francophone friends, what is your favorite French thing? Bonus points for answers en français.

Ma famille paternelle et beignets doux. ;)
Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who was it and how did your paths cross?

I didn't meet him so much as we walked past and looked at each other.
I passed up the chance to say hi and meet Jack White in 2002 on the way to his concert in Pontiac, MI because I was too fricking shy. Kicking myself ever since. Damn it.

Writer's Block: Greenery

Today in 1971, Greenpeace was founded. How are you helping to keep your section of Earth green these days?

I don't use toxic chemicals to keep my lawn "summer green" like my other neighbors. Grass isn't always supposed to be green!
I don't buy into the green movement - most of the reusable bags people buy are made in China. Maybe I'd put more stock into it if such things were made here instead of overseas. It takes a lot to ship them over, dontcha know...

Sep. 7th, 2005

This weekend was spent relaxing.

Saturday - went to Parmenter's Cider Mill. Sonya loved the cider and donuts.
Sunday - Hung out at home
Monday - We wanted to go to the cottage, but I had the worst allergies all day. The kind where you look like you've been crying. So we stayed home.

Also - last night's episode of Rescue Me made me want to throw up and cry.
I did cry at the end.
That is all.

Slight dilemma

Ray was harvesting, chopping and drying red peppers this weekend.
The peppers were little, red and potent. We don't know exactly what kind they are - the plant tag that came with the plants said "Red Peppers."
The first batch, he used gloves for handling them.
The second batch - he didn't. As a consequence, his hands have been burning since mid-afternoon Saturday.
Anyone have any relief for him? He is being stubborn and refuses baking soda paste.

Stubborn Scorpios..


My cue to stop working in the garden is when a giant daddy longlegs is crawling on my arm.
Yes, I screamed like a little girl.

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase..

Happy birthday, Hannunvaakuna!!!!

Been up to a lot lately. Mainly spending time with friends and going to family gatherings. All is well.
This weekend, an anniversary party and picking strawberries with Mom. Not all in the same day, of course.
Summer will be fun.

My turn..

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people to do the same.

1. Henry Lee - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
2. Dead Friends Around the Corner - Einsturzende Neubauten
3. Don't Go to Sleep Without Me - The Creatures
4. Missed Me - Dresden Dolls
5. Ringfinger - Nine Inch Nails
6. Happiness - Tones on Tail

Tag, you're it: all of you! Share with me all of the good stuff I should be listening to! I'm in the mood for new music!
Our first anniversary was very good. We got a couple days away, sans bebe. She stayed with her great grandparents. We went to dinner and saw Star Wars Ep III on Sunday night and it was just ok. Wooden dialogue, plot with holes and we already knew the ending. We missed the hellacious storms that went through because the movie was so long. It was all blue skies and sunshine before the movie and nighttime and barely sprinkling when we got out. We had no idea about the storms and power outages until much later. That was for the best because bad storms freak me out!

We stayed at the same hotel we did on our wedding night - the Hyatt Regency. It was good to get out of the house because whenever I get downtime, I end up finding all kinds of things to do around the house and don't go to bed until 1 or 2am. I really liked doing nothing but relaxing with my husband. Husband..that still sounds so bizarre. When we got back to the hotel, we went to the bar to have a drink to toast the occasion. After half of an apple martini, it is clear to me I have no desire to drink. Yep, I'm old. Deal with it. The view from the room was beautiful. We watched lightning flash across the Detroit river over the sparkling Ambassador Bridge.

On Monday, we just bummed around town together until 5:00, when we decided it was time to pick up Sonya.

We decided to get one present for each other instead of each of us going out and buying each other something. Nothing says "I love you, happy anniversary" like a nice new shiny set of kitchen knives.

May. 31st, 2005

It's due time I've posted - it's almost been a month and I've hardly said a peep.

This weekend was nice. We spent a relaxing weekend at home, with no pressure to be anywhere at a given time.
Our new livingroom and kitchen furniture was delivered. The couch and loveseat are microfiber and is moss green. It sounds not so nice, but with the wood trim in the room it really warms up the place.

It is also good to have proper kitchen seating for the three of us (and friends) eat dinner together. We just have to wait for two replacement chairs for the ones that were damaged in the crates.

I've been on a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds kick lately. Just can't hear enough of em. I'm not so sure that it's good to play the harder stuff around Sonya. She's already got the dark and brooding genes from Ray. ;)

Speaking of, this Sunday marks our first wedding anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun. To make Ztepfinator, Riotmod, Backrubbear and the rest of the Caballers feel old, we've been together for nine years so far. NINE years!
We were mere children when we met at a party at the Temple. We owe many, many thanks to PeeWee, Zerby and Steph for our meeting. We just have to keep the details of the Cabal parties away from Sonya's ears for a while.

This Saturday is my dad's fiftieth birthday. We're having a surprise party for him. We won't be the ones getting him a bottle of Geritol or a cane. He can easily get Ray and I back next year and two years from now, even though I will be counting every birthday past my 29th as the anniversary of my 29th birthday.

I got an email invitation to my ten year high school reunion and am wavering whether to go or not. There are a few people who I did care about in HS, but the rude ones outnumber the good. If only I had a way of knowing how good life would be in the end of senior year and after high school in general, life would have been easier.