Every bubble you blow, I'm gonna pop it

10 August
Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States
Interests: (82)
alameda, alfred hitchcock movies, angel perfume, baking, being a girly girl, being barefoot, belle isle, berets, blood and sand, blue-eyed husband, board games, bonfires, brendan benson, cartoons, chicago, cider mills, city club, coffee, compassion, conan o'brien, concerts, detroit, detroit music, dusk, eyeliner, fall, genuine people, ghost stories, good deeds done selflessly, goth music, halloween, heroes, history, honesty, humor, hyacinths, inside jokes, lake tahoe, learning, love, mad men, movies, movies of 1939, mst3k, museums, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, nick cave, obscure music, overcoming shyness, pacific ocean, parties, peonies, photography, poetry, punk rock, raising my children, raspberry tea, reading, rescue me, road trips, rock and roll, runyan lake, sarcasm, saturday night live, sci fi, some industrial music, southern gothic, spring, stargazing, sunsets, the cure, the groovy police, the moon, the muppets, the scc, travel, true blood, victrolas, walking, zydeco
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